Kid’s Meals and Alcohol

I was at a restaurant the other day and noticed a boy at the next table having his dinner on a plate shaped like a spaceship. He looked like he was having a meal that out of this world – happily scooping the fried food, stuffing it into his mouth and smiling gleefully at his tired parents.

So how did kid’s menus come about?

Why does that boy get to enjoy while I had to have a boring meal?

Apparently it’s thanks to alcohol, or rather the lack of it.

When Prohibition kicked in across the entire United States in the 1920’s, restaurants saw their revenues dropping and had to look for ways to survive.

Kids tend not to dine out during that period so it was an untapped market which helped them tide over that dry spell. From what I read though, the food was bland and tasteless but at least the kids get to go out.

As I see the boy finish his sugar drink apple juice, I decided I’ll pick up a happy meal at the drivethru on the way home.

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