I struck Group 2 Toto

I struck Toto Group 2 a couple of years back.


Payout was $47k-ish and though it was shared with a few people, each of us received quite a handsome payout.


Now, what are the odds of winning Toto Group 2?

It’s 1 inĀ 2,330,636.

That is 0.00000043%.


Odds of getting murdered in Singapore in a given year?

It’s 1 in 256,100, or 0.0000039%


So in Singapore, you have a higher chance of getting murdered than striking Group 2 Toto.


Does that make it something to die for?


Anyway to summarise your chances of winning big from Toto:

Group 1: 0.000000072%

Group 2: 0.00000043%

Other prizes suck so I’ll omit them.


Watch out for murderers that next time you buy a Toto ticket.





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