How deep is your love?

How deep is your love was released by the Bee Gees in 1977, and covered by Take That in 1996. So the older kids will know the original song, and the younger ones will wonder why an old fart band covered the song released by a popular boyband.

The Bee Gees were originally named BGs, after the promoter Bill Gates (not the Microsoft nerd) and their driver Bill Goode. Coincidentally BG also stands for Barry Gibb (one of the singers, for the younger crowd out there).

These fine folks were actually forced to leave Singapore right after their performance because of their luscious long flowing hair. For some reason, the ol’ Singapore correlated guys with long hair and gangsters.

If you tick the following boxes,

  1. Guy?
  2. Long hair?
  3. Year 1972?

Then you’ll have some problems.


– edited as the 2nd part of this post was truncated.

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