Sparking Coding Ideas

I code random stuff to make my life easier. I hope it'll simplify yours too.

Online Product Name Generator

Having problems trying to brainstorm new product names? It often takes a little nudge along the way to spark that great idea.

This little tool generates totally random 2-word combinations on purpose. Sometimes borrowing a few words from the adjacencies will open up a whole world.

There are a lot of sophisticated tools in the public domain that can do so much more and will also give you suggestions based on particular keywords but this simple tool managed to spark a few pretty good names for me so I hope it will help you too.

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Clean Up Singapore Mobile Phone Numbers in Excel

I did up an Excel file to filter a long list of mobile phone numbers.

It'll weed out non-Singapore phone numbers and non-mobile phone numbers, and if you wish, remove the country code in the final results as well. The filtered numbers will appear in the 2nd column. Just sort it and copy into your own list.

You can tinker with it to allow land lines, or to filter based on other countries' codes.

It takes a few minutes to clean up 15,000 phone numbers.


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